Vintage Yemeni Temple Decorations


This rare pair of Yemeni temple decorations is circa the 1940s, probably from Hadramawt. These would have been worn to adorn the two sides of the head by hooking them into the headdress rather than through the ears. The metal does not test as silver, though it may have some silver content. 

The Domes are decorated with spiraled twisted wire and diamond-shaped applique. From each dome hang 12 chains, ending in ball dangles. The effect is a nice sound with movement. 

  • The length from the top of the hook to the bottom of the dangles is 22.5 cm (9")
  • The hooks measure around 7 cm in length (2 3/4")
  • The dome's diameter is 2.5 cm (around 1")
  • The weight of both is 165 grams

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