Antique Bedouin Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Coin Pendant


An antique bedouin Maria Theresa Thaler silver coin pendant made from a real Maria Theresa Thaler silver coin dated 1780. The pendant has a red glass cabochon and eight pairs of dangles hanging from chains. 

The Maria Theresa Thaler coin was widely used for trade across the world for well after it was first minted. It was also used by silversmiths to create jewelry across the Middle East. This pendant is Bedouin from the Arabian Peninsula, judging by its dangles and chains.  All of the elements of the pendant including the chains and dangles are made of silver alloy. The beads and end cones however test as mixed metal. In good vintage condition.

  • Length of pendant from bail to bottom of dangles: 12 cm (4 3/4").
  • Diameter of the coin is 3.8 cm  (1 5/8"). 
  • Weight is over 84.1 g



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