Beautiful Turquoise Coral and Silver Earrings


These beautiful earrings are from Nepal from the second half of the twentieth century. They are, however, made with old components. Each earring has a flat square-shaped turquoise and a large genuine coral rondelle bead. Curiously, in the middle is what looks to me like an Afghani made Turkmen style silver bead with filigree work in its middle and alternating gold gilt in the petal-like areas on the bead. The bead does test as silver, as do the ear wires. The earrings are in good condition however, one of the turquoises has a little chip towards the top.

The effect is quite stunning but please note that these earrings are heavy and their ear wires are thicker than western standard ear wires.

  • Length is 7.5 cm or 3".
  • Width is 2 cm or 3/4".
  • Weight is 33.8 grams.


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