French Colonial Times Algerian Bracelet with Arabic Calligraphy


A lovely well made silver bracelet from North Africa from the French Colonial Times in Algeria. It has small punch Algerian assay marks near the closure certifying that it was made with a good grade of silver. The Arabic calligraphy is stylized Arabic script sometimes on this type of bracelet without a meaning. But I think on this one the wold Algeria is repeated in Arabic.  This type of bracelet was produced for European rather than local consumption and were mentioned in the seminal work of Paul Eudel: Dictionnaire des bijoux de l'Afrique du Nord : Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie, Tripolitaine (1906). They were known as "Meqiâsat Tounès" or Tunis bracelets, because they mimic a style of bracelet that was originally made in Tunis.

It is a beautiful bracelet in good condition with a lovely history and patina.

  • Inner circumference 18 cm (7 1/8").
  • 2 cm (3/4") at widest.
  • Weight 27.6 g.

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