Old Rare and Heavy Silver Nubian Anklet or Foot Bracelet


This is a heavy rare Nubian anklet. It is hollow but made from thick silver sheeting That has a lot of stamping patterns as decoration. The anklet ends in the typical three dimensional combination of squares and triangles seen in Yemeni, Tuareg and Nubian bracelets.  Similar examples to this anklet can be seen Azza Fahmy's book Enchanted Jewelry of Egypt. Can also be worn as a bracelet. In good vintage condition. It looks like the finials were sawn  open then welded and there is a spot of verdigris, but nothing too serious. There is a small pebble trapped inside.

The inner circumference is 22 cm (8 3/4") with another 4.2 cm (1 3/4") gap. The Width is 2.5 cm (1") and thicker at the ends. Weight is 196 grams.

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