Vintage Ottoman Style Silver Kirdan or Bib Necklace


An amazing statement piece is this necklace. It is expertly made out of silver in two layers. The top layer is made up of 43 hollow repousse or pressed elements threaded onto a silver chain. The bottom layer is made of elongated tear drop dangles with a curious slit. The necklace is very elegant, unmarked but tested to be silver. I am really unsure where this is from. It resembles the Ottoman kirdan, but there are aspects that I have not seen before. It also has a gold sheen to it so it may have been gold gilt at one point but it is largely gone. A unique piece of jewelry.

  • Length is 38 cm or 15".
  • Width is 4 cm or 1 1/2".
  • Weight is 66.8 grams.

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