Vintage Solid Silver Bedouin Yemeni Hinged Bracelet


This is such a beauty. Made of silver sheet and overlaid by roping nad filigree on top of which set applique florets nad diamond shaped elelments all around. The bracelet is hinged and the closure is a pin mechanism that works well and is attached to the bracelet. There is a hook on the other side of the safety chain holding the pin so the pin may have at one time been connected to both sides with a chain. The bracelet tests positive for high grade silver except for the pin and its chain. It looks like it may have had gold gilding at one point. The silver has tarnished with age. Apart from that it is in good vintage condition. This bracelet is part of an ever shrinking collection of silver Jewelry from Yemen. Grab it while you can.

Inner circumference is 18 cm (7"). Width is 3.5 cm (1 3/8"). Weight is 72 g.


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