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Antique Egyptian Silver Zar Bracelet

Antique Egyptian Silver Zar Bracelet

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This is an antique Egyptian silver bracelet used in the zar ceremony. It is made in the traditional way from one piece of solid silver, shaped as a C. The ends have an applique piece that is ridged and turns back towards the bracelet in a v-shape. There are two bands of applique diamond motifs on top and bottom and little half-sphere dangles are attached to loops on the bracelet with jump rings. These galagil make the sound necessary for the zar ceremony which is meant to appease the spirits or djin. 

The anklet does not have hallmarks but does test for silver and is in good condition for its age. A rare collector's piece.

  • Inner circumference is 16.2 cm (6 3/8") including the 2.5 cm (1") gap.
  • The inner diameter is just over 5 cm (2").
  • Width is 1.5 cm (3/4")
  • Weight is 68 g.
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