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Antique Indian Enamel and Silver Bracelet or Kada

Antique Indian Enamel and Silver Bracelet or Kada

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This pretty antique Indian enamel and silver bracelet is battered and bruised by time, but still surviving and still beautiful. The enamel work appears to be old Benares, North India style. The bracelet itself is made of silver and decorated with foiled glass or garnet cabochons. 

It is not in very good condition. It has lost quite a bit of enamel both on the inside and outside and some of the stones appear to have been replaced. Finally the little stone at the top of the screw clasp is missing. Despite all of these perfections, the bracelet is quite lovely and totally wearable.

  • Inner circumference is 18.5 cm (7 1/4").
  • Width is 8 mm (3/8").
  • Inner diameter is 6 cm (2 2/3").
  • Weight is 43.5 g.
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