About Us

I love jewelry and I'm passionate about vintage ethnic and tribal jewelry which displays the diversity and ingenuity of our human race. I make it my mission to rescue beautiful adornments from oblivion and welcome them back, offering them new hearts and homes. Old jewelry was often made with primitive tools but with a lot of love and a lot of thought about function, beauty, and the person who they are meant for. That is why they have so much soul.

I've been a collector for over 30 years and I've had Anteeka, an online shop here in Nazareth, Israel for seven years now. I have sold jewelry to private collectors, film and photography props departments and a museum or two as well as wonderful clients who are as passionate as I am about ethnic and tribal jewelry.  Come in, browse through my shop. I hope you like what I have picked out for you.


You can reach Anteeka at anteeka.shop@gmail.com I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.