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Signed Jewish Yemeni Bracelet for Small Wrist

Signed Jewish Yemeni Bracelet for Small Wrist

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This North Yemeni Bedouin petite beauty is a rarity because you almost never find Yemeni jewelry that is signed. This bracelet is from the late 19th to early twentieth century and is likely from Sanaa, Yemen. The most unusual thing about it is the presence of a signature by its maker on the inside. The signature is in Arabic (قارحم؟) but it was likely that of a Jewish silversmith. On a scratch test, the bracelet tests as high-grade silver.

This unique bracelet is decorated with three rows of florets separated by roping. The closure is a screw-in type of closure that works splendidly.

It is in reasonable vintage condition but with some defects. The silver sheeting on the inside has a gash. There are also missing florets and/or silver drops. You can tell it was once well-worn and loved!


  • 2.5 cm (1") wide
  • 15.5 cm (6 1/8") inner circumference
  • inner diameter is 4.8 cm
  • weight 61g

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