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Old Silver Kurdish Bangle

Old Silver Kurdish Bangle

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Beautiful antique Kurdish bangle, entirely handmade from good silver sheeting and decorated with overlaid silver wire and roping around the edges that are so worn with age that the toping has almost disappeared. The inlaid wire patterns are of botehs and there are circles of twisted wire surrounding smooth bezels carrying a blue textured pockmarked stone. Two of these stones are missing. 

A beautiful rare bangle, in reasonably good condition. It is a bit out of round.

  • Inner circumference is 20 or 7 15/16"
  • Inner diameter is 6.5 cm or 2 1/2" at the larger pole and 6.1 cm (2 7/16") at the smaller pole
  • Width is 2.4 cm or 7/8"
  • Weight is 46.4 grams
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