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Vintage Berber Enamel and Silver Moroccan Flared Cuff

Vintage Berber Enamel and Silver Moroccan Flared Cuff

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This is an amazing looking flared cuff from Morocco. The style is an old one with existing samples from the 1600's. The bracelet is flared, being thinner at the middle and wider at the ends. This design is very attractive when worn. The cuff has three enamel flowers with a square stud in its center. The body of the bracelet is decorated with hand engraved decorations. There are no repairs and it is in good shape. It is hallmarked with the ram's head mark which was used post 1925 to indicate an assay of 80% pure silver. I think that it also has the letter M which would make it from Marrakech.

Inner circumference is 15.5 cm (6") with an extra 3.5 cm (1 1/4") gap. It is somewhat adjustable. Width at narrowest is 2.5 cm ( 1") and 6.8 cm (2 3/4") at widest. Weight is 104 grams.

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