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Vintage Berber Silver Single Temporal Ornament

Vintage Berber Silver Single Temporal Ornament

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This is a single vintage temporal ornament. Worn traditionally by Tunisian and Libyan women in pairs around the temples balanced with a cord around the head or hanging from the headdress. 

Its Arabic name, khoras Saguiroha, literally translates to earrings to replenish the soul. This one temporal is decorated by hand engraved stars and fish and carries three stamps on the inside with the name of their maker, but they are so worn, it's impossible to decipher. The temporal has a punch mark and another mark which may well be a size mark.

The temporal is quite heavy and has a lovely patina. It could be worn on the arm as a bracelet. It is made of good silver and is in excellent condition for its age. 

A pair of this type of adornment can be found in the Quai Branly museum's collection.


  • Inner circumference is 24.5 cm (9-5/8").
  • Inner diameter is 8 cm ( 3-1/4").
  • Width is 1.5 cm (5/8").
  • Weight is 76.6 grams.
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