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Vintage Knitted Silver Bracelet from Tamil Nadu, India

Vintage Knitted Silver Bracelet from Tamil Nadu, India

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This magnificent, weighty bracelet hails from Tamil Nadu, India. It is most likely recycled from parts of a belt.  A similar piece of jewelry can be seen in Oppi Untracht's book Traditional Jewelry of India.

The central panel is formed like a square pyramid with steps leading to the top where a red glass inset forms the peak. The pyramid is called sikhar in Sanskrit, meaning mountain peak. Untracht believes it is an echo of a Hindu temple's tower. The pyramid is flanked on either side by a repousse work panel with a face depicted among vegetation. The knitted silver body is adorned by further repousse medallions worked in repousse and depicting floral motifs. The bracelet closes with a screw mechanism. I believe is not original to the piece as it is too short and too ill-fitting to be the original screw. If you intend to wear this piece, you might think of replacing the screw as it is too hard to coax inwards. There is also a depression on one of the front panels.  

  • Inner circumference is 19.5cm (7 3/4").
  • Height of the pyramid is 1.8 cm (3/4").
  • Width of the pyramid is 2.7 cm (1 1/8").
  • Weight is 136 grams.
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