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Vintage Kubachi Silver and Niello Delicate Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Kubachi Silver and Niello Delicate Cuff Bracelet

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Kubachi is a village in Dagestan, now part of Federal Russia, but known, at least from the 9th Century by Arab and Persian merchants for its fine craftsmanship and metalwork. In fact, its name is thought to derive from a Persian word meaning makers of weapons. The skill has been passed down from generation to generation. The distinctive work with niello in Russia mainly comes from the Dagestan region.

This bracelet is an example of this type of work, delicate and ornate. The bracelet is from the second part of the 20th century and was likely made for export.  It has beautiful decorations in niello throughout and the cuff tapers to its narrowest ending in a gap to slip the wrist in.  It has a golden sheen to it, probably from an earlier gold gilt, now almost totally worn. It is marked 800 on the inside and does test as silver.

  • Inner circumference is 19.5 cm (7 3/4") including the 2 cm (3/4") gap.
  • Inner diameter is 6.5 cm (2 5/8").
  • The bracelet is 2 cm (3/4") at the widest and weighs 17.5 g.


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