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Vintage Low Silver Hand Woven Bedouin Belt 34"

Vintage Low Silver Hand Woven Bedouin Belt 34"

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This is a low silver hand woven Bedouin belt from the first half of the twentieth century. You may notice that it is similar to Indian belts from Maharashtra. It is made of hand braided silver wire and decorated at intervals with round plaques with geometric patterns. The belt closes with a hook closure and the buckle is decorated with simple roping designs. There are small red and green glass beads hanging from to the belt at intervals.  The belt does have silver content but it is at low purity. It is in good condition with no kinks or bends.


  • Length is 86 cm or 34".
  • Width is 1.8 cm or 5/8.
  • The buckle is 8.5 cm or 3 1/4".
  • Weight is 180 g.
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