Antique Islamic Era Polychrome Glass Bracelet


An Islamic polychrome glass bangle from the Eastern Mediterranean.  From my research it seems these bangles were made and worn up to the 15 th Century. This type of bracelet is often wrongly referred to as Roman glass, but it was made under the Islamic empire, perhaps even before to the Byzantine times. The bracelet has remarkably survived its ancient history and has a light green base with a bright yellow glass band on the top and bottom and a middle band made of alternating yellow and red diagonally striped glass. A remarkable handmade bracelet and you can see the glass bubbles in the glass. Perfectly wearable if you so wish.  It is intact but with some imperfections, little nicks, and imperfections. Perfectly understandable considering its considerable age.

Inner circumference is 21 cm (8 1/4"). Inner diameter is (2 3/4"). Width is 8 mm (3/8"). Weight is 28 g.


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