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Vintage Pair of Silver Bedouin Armlets

Vintage Pair of Silver Bedouin Armlets

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Unique pair of armlets or anklets entirely made from a silver alloy in the shape of a snake once worn by Bedouin women in Eastern and Central Arabia. This magnificently well-kept pair is estimated to be from the early 1900s and was acquired in Jordan, but may have originated further East. Each armlet is shaped like a snake with bells on either end to make noise as its wearer moves. This type of bracelet often had pebbles trapped inside to sound like a rattle, but this pair does not have any trapped pebbles. They both have extensive chasing and repousse work with only the inside of the bracelet unadorned. A few small dents are the only blemish I can see in these beautiful and rare pieces of Bedouin jewelry.

  • The inner circumference is 21.5 cm (8 1/2").
  • Width 2 cm (3/4") at its widest.
  • The weight for both is 155 grams.

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