Antique Pair of Silver Bedouin Armlets from the Arabian Peninsula


Unique pair of armlets or anklets entirely made from silver alloy in the shape of a snake once worn by Bedouin women in Eastern and Central Arabia. This magnificently well kept pair is estimated to be from the late 1800s and was acquired in Jordan, but may have originated further East. Each armlet is shaped like a snake with bells on either end to make noise as its wearer moves. This type of bracelet often had pebbles trapped inside to sound like a rattle, but this pair does not have any trapped pebbles. They both have extensive chasing and repousse work with only the inside of the bracelet unadorned. A few small dents are the only blemish I can see in this beautiful and rare pieces of Bedouin jewelry.

  • Inner circumference is 21.5 cm (8 1/2").
  • Width 2 cm (3/4") at its widest.
  • Weight for both is 155 grams.

 There is a similar single armlet listed separately in the shop:

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