Antique Balkan Bib Choker Necklace from the Ottoman era


A rare antique Balkan bib choker necklace made in layers with interlocking elements. The top part is made of cast pieces some adorned with alternating red and green faceted glass. Floral cast elements made up the second and third tiers of this necklace. The last tier is made of ornate tulip? like pendants. The necklace does not test as silver and is likely to be an alloy which may have a little silver but is mostly copper.

Unfortunately, there are two pieces missing from the top tier.  Though the hook for the closure is original, the hook on the other side is not.  The main part of the bib is intact and in good condition. A very rare piece for a collector.

You can see a similar necklace in the Pitt River Museum

  • The bib part measures 16.5 x 12.5 cm or 6 1/2 x 4 1/2".
  • The present wearable part (without the makeshift tie) is 30.3 cm (12").
  • Weight is 114.3 g.

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