Antique Balkan Head Ornament with Birds


A Balkan woman’s forehead ornament that was attached to a hat or headdress at the front. It is called Prochelnik in Bulgaria. A similar example is found in the Regional Ethnographic Museum- Plovdiv.

This ornament has two beautiful birds perched facing one another. It is made of cast metal and embossing and engraving techniques are used in making this pretty adornment. It has a copper backing with holes at the bottom. Presumably to hang coin dangles or suchlike.

The ornament is gold plated. It is from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century. In good condition for its age. It has a hook at the top and two hoops on either end.

Length is 9.2 cm (3 5/8") and width is 4.2 cm (1 5/8") at widest. The weight is 17.3 g.


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