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Antique Balkan Silver Earrings with Faceted Red Stone

Antique Balkan Silver Earrings with Faceted Red Stone

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A rare antique pair of earrings from the Balkan region from the 19th century. The earrings are made in the shape of a crescent moon with filigree rosettes adorning both the front and the back.  At the cusp of the crescent sits a faceted red glass cabochon atop a filigree flower.  The ear wires hoop and click into place with a latch.  They are thicker than Western standard ear wires and made of good grade silver. The rest of the earring is also made of silver but a lower grade and has a faded gold gilt. 

The earrings have two loops, one at the bottom for a dangle that is now missing and another at the side which is supposed to connect to a chain that goes either to the headdress or down to the chest like a necklace. This part is missing.  What is strange is that both earrings have the same orientation.

  • Length: 4 cm or 1 1/2 inch 
  • Width: 2 cm  or 7/8 inch 
  • Weight is 10.3 g
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