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Antique Double Layer Silver Choker Fish Necklace from the Ottoman Era

Antique Double Layer Silver Choker Fish Necklace from the Ottoman Era

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This is a rare late 19th century, to early 20th century necklace from the Ottoman era. Known as kirdan or Gerdan was worn in wide areas from the Caucasus to North Africa across the Ottoman empire with many variations. I am not entirely sure as to where specifically this is from, but my guess would be Egyptian. Though it may also be Berber North African. It looks very similar to what is known in Algeria as Khait el Hout or the fish necklace.  A similar necklace can be seen in this antique  post card picture from Algeria:


But it could equally be Egyptian. See here an antique picture of a woman wearing a similar necklace that more closely resembles this necklace:


The necklace has three tiers. The first is snake or dragon shaped element strung on silver chain. The mid tier is another repousse element that has more of elongated shape and is likely to be a stylized fish, a creature associated with happiness and fertility in many cultures. The dangles are simple disc shaped elements, that stand in for coins.

The whole necklace tests positive for silver and closes with a hook and eye mechanism. It is in good vintage condition.

Length is 41.5 cm (16 1/2"). The drop os 9 cm (3 1/2"). Weight is 57.7 g.




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