Antique Indian Ring for a Small Toe


Early Twentieth Century tribal antique Indian ring for a small toe from Madhya Pradesh. It is made of cast mixed metals and shaped like a flower with a trapped pebble to make noise with movement. Near the bottom of the ring is a bar that fits under the toes next to the toe ring. By its size, I would guess this is for a very slender toe. It's in good condition for its age but could do with a polish. There is a similar example in Oppi Untracht"s book: Traditional Jewelry of India.

  • Inner circumference is 4 cm (just under 1 5/8").
  • Inner diameter is  1.5 cm or 5/8".  
  • Height of the ring is 3 cm (1 1/4").
  • Weight  is 29.4g.

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