Antique Islamic Silver Seal Pendant with a Hidden Compartment


This rare Islamic seal is from 1900 and is made of silver (tested). The seal itself has two sides. I believe on one side is the name of the bearer and on the other side there is commonly a protective phrase, so may well be the case in this seal.  The seal's two sides are engraved in Arabic calligraphy.  You can see the actual writing which is in reverse only by impressing the seal into wax or some other soft matter.  The seal tucks in to a hidden compartment so that on the outside it looks like a pendant shaped as a tulip.  Both sides of the holder are engraved with a floral motif. 

To find out more about Islamic seals, have a look at the British Museum's collection:

 and you can see the type of impressions they make

  • Length is 4 cm (1 1/2") with bail.
  • Width is 1.8 cm (5/8").
  • Weight is 11.7 g. 

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