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Antique Kurdish Long Bandolier Necklace

Antique Kurdish Long Bandolier Necklace

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A very unusual and very old necklace. It is most likely from Northern Iraq (Mosul?).  The central pendant is a rectangular hirz decorated with roping and applique strips. The center is decorated with a floral element set with a variety of red, blue, and green stones. The big central cabochon is missing. Other small stones are set at the edges of the rectangle and its inner diamond. At the bottom of the hirz, cut-out metal circles and bell dangles hang from 7 chains.  The pendant is attached to a handmade chain and from this chain hang four tube amulet holders, also with bell dangles on 3 chains. The numbers 7, 3, and 4 frequently recur in Levant jewelry. 

This necklace is very long and rather than hanging from the neck, was usually worn like a bandolier (see photo). The necklace is from the 19th century and has seen the ravages of time. The silver metal that plates the underlying copper is badly eroded and the tube amulet holders are badly dented. Many of the dangles are squished and some of the connecting 0 rings were replaced with string.  All these "defects" are a testimony that this necklace was worn and loved for many generations. It is certainly a collector's item. 

  • Length is¬†114 cm (45").
  • The central pendant is¬†9 x 6.5 cm¬† (¬†3 1/2 x¬†2 1/4") without the bale or dangles.
  • Weight is¬†174 g.
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