Antique Late Ottoman Silver Kirdan Necklace or Gerdanlik


This is a late Ottoman necklace called kirdan or Gerdanlik. This one is most likely from from NW Anatolia. 

It has low grade silver alloy elements sewn to a colorful cotton cloth band. The dangles are also low grade silver. There is central agate cabochon and the circular pendant dangling from it have a crescent moon cut design. It could have been worn as a headband rather than a necklace since there is no closure on the ends of the band and it is quite small (see measurements below). There are two new safety pins that may have acted as a way to close the choker or to attach to the headdress.

  • Length of the cloth band is 35 cm (14")
  • Width is 3.8 (1 3/8"). The dangles are a further 4 cm ( 1 1/3")
  • Weight is 66.8 g



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