Antique Long Berber Earrings with Silver Khamsa and Bakelite


A very impressive pair of long earrings made with Berber Khamsa pendants.  The khamsa or hand of Fatima is a stylized hand widely thought in North Africa and the Middle East to ward off the evil eye. 

The earrings also have a yellow Bakelite bead and silver spacer beads.  The ear wires also test as silver.  The khamsa or hand pendants were worn in Siwa as well as further West.  They have a small punch mark with a star and crescent moon hallmark.  They were acquired in Egypt in the 1980s, but the components are much earlier.  A unique pair of earrings in good antique condition.

Please note that the ear wires are thicker than Western standard and the earrings are quite heavy.

  • Length is 10 cm or 4".
  • The width of the hand pendant is 3 cm or 1 1/8".
  • The weight 22.8 grams.

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