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Antique Matching Pair of Silver Berber Arm Bracelets

Antique Matching Pair of Silver Berber Arm Bracelets

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An old pair of ring upper arm bracelets from Algeria, likely Chaouis, from the first part of the twentieth century. The arm rings are very nicely decorated with vegetal patterns. The center depicts a flower with four central petals surrounded by a further four petals. This flower is repeated on either end of the ring. The edge of the ring is plied over and decorated with 6 silver studs.  The style is unique. Though there are similar bracelets in the Quai Branly Museum's collection, no example is quite like this pair. The metal is unmarked but tested to be high-grade silver on a scratch test.  

  • Length: 25.5cm (10 1/8") including the  1.5 cm (9/16") gap.

  • Diameter: 8.5 cm (3 3/8").

  • Width: 4.3 cm (about 1 5/8").

  • Weight for both: 231 g.

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