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Antique Matching Pair of Silver Tunisian Rigid Anklets

Antique Matching Pair of Silver Tunisian Rigid Anklets

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An antique pair of Berber rigid anklets form Tunisia.  Locally known as Khelkhal menfoukh.  As its name suggests in Arabic, menfoukh meaning "Inflated" or hollow. The shape imitates that of a horse stirrup.  I've seen other references call them Khulkhal Farag as in Le Bijou Traditionelles en Tunisie by Samira Gargouri-Sethom.

These anklets are hand engraved with designs.  The front looks like stylized butterflies.  The back of the box like face has cut out surfaces. The anklets are made of silver with an assay mark for 80% silver on the back of the box face.  The silver hallmark was used for big silver articles between 1905-1942.  they are both in good antique condition with only small dings here and there. 

This type of anklet was very popular with women both from rural and urban areas in Tunisia.  Even today Tunisian women love and wear traditional jewelry and such anklets are being revived by modern jewelers to wear at weddings and other special occasions.

  • ¬†Inner circumference 28.5 cm or 11 1/4".
  • Inner diameter is 9.5 cm or 3 3/4".
  • The box front measures l 6.2 x w 2.8 x h 2 (2 1/2 x 1 1/8 x 3/4").
  • Weight is 178.9 grams.


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