Antique Ottoman Hat Top or Tepelik


An antique Ottoman-era hat top, from the early part of the twentieth century known locally as Tepelik. It is made of a brassy metal that may have some silver in it. The disc is hammered on the inside to produce embossed patterns. A glass cabochon in a raised bezel sits at the center of the tepelik. Made in Anatolia, this type of adornment would sit atop a fez, headdress, or hat that was worn only during festive occasions by Kurdish or Turkish women.

This tepelik is in good condition for its age. It used to have several pendants as can be gleaned from the back. Later on, it was perforated in three places, I assume to sew it to the hat directly.  It can be repurposed as a huge pendant if you don't intend to collect it.

  • The diameter of the disc is 13 cm (5").
  • The weight is 47.2 grams.

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