Antique Ottoman Revolving Silver Seal Pendant with Armenian an Arabic Writing


This rare Ottoman silver seal is from 1900. The seal itself has three different sides. One side has engraved Arabic calligraphy, another has Armenian calligraphy and the third has an Ottoman Tughra.  You can see the actual writing which is in reverse only by impressing the seal into wax or some other soft matter.  This type of seal was suspended from a chain hanging from a belt or necklace for easy access by its owner.

To find out more about Islamic seals, have a look at the British Museum's collection:

 and you can see the type of impressions they make

  • Length is 3.5 cm (1 3/8") with bail.
  • Width is 1.8 cm (5/8").
  • Weight is 12.4 g. 

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