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Antique Ottoman Silver and Niello Amulet Necklace

Antique Ottoman Silver and Niello Amulet Necklace

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This antique Ottoman amulet holder necklace has a cylinder container that opens on one side and is closed on the other. The amulet holder was used to hold incantations or Koranic verses to protect the wearer. The amulet holder's shape itself is thought to be amuletic. The necklace is made of silver and the amulet holder and a heart-shaped element are decorated with niello. Five silver coins dated 1293 Hijri dangle from the bottom and stand in for the protective five fingers of the hand of Fatima. The chain is quite long and allows the wearer to slip it over the head.  The antique necklace is in good antique condition, though the chain has a couple of kinks. 

A similar amulet holder (without the coin dangles) can be seen in the Quai Branly Museum's collection (71.1973.77.578.1-2).

  • The length from the middle of the chain to the bottom of the dangles is 47 cm (18 1/2").
  • The length of the slip-on chain is 68 cm (nearly 27").
  • The amulet holder is 7.5 cm or 3" long and¬†its diameter is 1.2 cm (just under 1/2").
  • The length of the amulet holder from the top of the bails to the bottom of the coin dangles is 5 cm (2").
  • Weight is 63 g.

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