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Antique Ottoman Silver Muskalik Amulet Necklace

Antique Ottoman Silver Muskalik Amulet Necklace

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This antique Ottoman necklace, known locally as muskalik has a pouch that opens from the top by sliding the lid of the  triangular amulet holder to hold incantations to protect the wearer. The triangular shape of the amulet holder itself is thought to be amuletic. The necklace is made of low grade silver.  The amulet holder is decorated with repousse patterns and a central faceted red glass cabochon. The chain is handmade and quite long.  From the chain hang some more coin like dangles. All the coin dangles have been punctured on purpose.  I believe this creates a stylistic eye to ward off the evil eye.  The antique necklace is in good antique condition. 

  • The chain measures 88 cm (34 1/2") long.
  • The central pendant measures 8 x 5 cm (3 1/4"x 2").
  • Weight is 82.2 g.
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