Antique Pair of Silver and Niello Bracelets from Sketcha or Isketche, Xanthi


This is a very interesting pair of antique bracelets from Sketcha, or Xanthi in present day Greece. They are made of silver with niello decorations and have the name Sketcha or Isketche in Arabic script in niello. The name itself places these bracelets in the early 1900s. The bracelets have three settings, so they are adjustable according to the wearer's wrist size.

There is loss of niello on one bracelet, but apart from that they are in good condition.

The two bracelets are matching but not exactly the same size. One is slightly bigger than the other. The bigger one is 16.5  - 19 cm (6 1/2 - 7 1/2") 16 - 18 cm - (6 1/4 - 7"). Width 2.5 cm (1") at widest. The weight is 27 grams for both.


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