Antique Saudi Bedouin Silver Choker Necklace


A lovely surprisingly light necklace from Saudi Arabia, though similar chokers can be seen also in the Yemen. The necklace is entirely handmade from low grade silver. It is composed of 6 rows of tube beads interspersed with rectangular elements and ending in trapezoid elements all of which are decorated with applique work. From the bottom hang repousse discs with light double sphere dangles that make a lovely sound with movement. The different strands of twine on which each row has been strung come together at the finials and are braided to make stronger ties.

The silver part of the necklace is 22 cm (8 3/4"). Length with the twine is 61 cm (24")  Drop is 8 cm (3 1/4"). Weight is 73.2 grams.

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