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Antique Saudi Silver Pendant for Headdress or Hair Ornament

Antique Saudi Silver Pendant for Headdress or Hair Ornament

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This is a very rare Saudi silver pendant for headdress or hair ornament from the first half of the twentieth century. These ornaments are very hard to find, since they are old and old silver jewelry in general is difficult to find as old silver pieces were very often melted to make newer ones. This beauty luckily survived the furnace.  Saudi hair ornaments of its type almost always have the exact same elements: A circle with three stones, both blue and red. From the bottom hang many chains ending in spherical pendants. The circle hangs from another piece of silver with a single blue stone at its middle. This ornament has in addition, rare box elements that are sometimes heart shaped (see the bottom ones on the two chains with these box elements). The three stones sitting in the middle of the circle are surrounded by granulation.  The blue stones are both real turquoise and glass. The red cabochon is old red glass. The piece is unmarked as usual in tribal jewelry. It does test as good silver. 

  • Length is 24 cm  or 9 1/2 inches
  • Diameter of the circle is 6 cm or 2 3/8 inches
  • Weight is 134.4 grams
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