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Antique Silver and Carnelian Turkmen Bracelet

Antique Silver and Carnelian Turkmen Bracelet

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A timeless, elegant fire-gilt silver Teke or Tekke Turkmen cuff bracelet. Locally known as "bilezik," these come in a variety of lengths, some reaching from wrist to elbow.

This particular cuff is a double0tiered or two-band bracelet "qoshmah", decorated in arabesque patterns. At the front, the bracelet is decorated with six oval carnelian cabochons that are set in smooth bezels. On the back, the cuff has a row of stylized snakeheads that protect the wearer. The carnelians are all in good shape with the inevitable scratches and dings that come with age. The inner silver sheet has wear on the inside.

The bracelet tests as good silver. It is quite solid and not adjustable. It slightly tapers to take the natural form of the arm. It is also shaped more oblong than round on the inside. If you intend to wear it, please check the measurements.

  • The inside diameter is 5 cm (2")
  • Inner diameter on the larger end: 16 cm (6 1/4")
  • Inner diameter on the smaller end: 15 cm (5 7/8")
  • Gap between ends: 2.5 cm (1") - 3 cm ( 1 1/4")
  • Width: max. 5.8 cm (2 1/4")
  • Weight: 132 grams
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