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Antique Silver Indian Large Hoop Earrings Set

Antique Silver Indian Large Hoop Earrings Set

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This is a rare find indeed, a set of 19th Century very large hoop earrings attached with a three-tiered chain that would I believe be attached to the headdress with the attached chain and hook.  The hoop earrings have lots of circle and bell dangles as well as inlay pieced of multicolored glass. The earrings, dangles, and chain test as high-grade silver. The set comes from India, probably from Uttar Pradesh, and is in good condition for its age, though there does seem to be 3 elements missing judging by the empty rings on the chain. These would have held small bell dangles on the side and a central dangle to decorate the forehead.

The diameter of the hoop is around 10 cm (3 3/4"). The chain is 26 cm long (10 1/4") and the weight is roughly 175 grams (not for the faint of heart).



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