Antique Silver Tribal Indian Necklace with Hand Painted Amulet


A beautiful hand painted amulet necklace from Rajasthan, India. It is hard to see who the deity is depicted in the miniature hand painting, because there is some wear to it, but it is set against a golden background and surrounded by a beautifully worked square amulet with peacocks on either side and lots of small bell dangles on the sides and bottom. Triple chain attached at intervals to plaques, one of which has a repousse peacock and the chains end in a hook and eye closure.

It is from the late 1800s to early 1900s It is made of good grade of silver and has a nice rich patina. In good vintage condition but for the wear on the miniature painting and the loss of one of flowers near the bails.

The total length of the necklace is 68.5 cm (27") the pendant is 5 x 7.5 cm ( 2 x 3) bails to dangles.The weight of necklace is 147 g.

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