Antique Single Silver Islamic Filigree Crescent Earring or Nose Ring


A unique old silver filigree earring in the shape of a crescent moon. If this was worn in the ear, it has lost its twin. The earring is outlined by double silver roping. Inside this is an intricate filigree pattern. The bottom has three drop granules at even intervals. The ear wire fits under a small hook on the other end.

The crescent shaped earring is an old design that carried through generations and different cultures. You can see them in Saharan and Berber earring design, as well as Iranian and Kurdish designs, in Indian ear and nose rings and in Bedouin nose rings in Sinai and the Negev, but these more contemporary designs have ancient echoes in Greek 3 rd century BC,  Roman from the 3 rd Century AD,  Byzantine in the 6-7 th century AD, Fatimid, Balkan and Moorish influenced European designs in the ensuing times as well as in central and Southern Asian designs.

The earring tests as low grade silver and has ear wires that are thicker than Western standard.

3.8 x 3.3 cm ( 1 1/2 x 1 1/4"). Weight is 4.9 g.

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