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Antique Timorese Ceremonial Rattle Bracelet

Antique Timorese Ceremonial Rattle Bracelet

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Known locally as Keke, this unusual Timorese bracelet is oval in shape with a rattle on top bulging out as in the form of a small rectangle with a sphere on top. The bracelet was made in the lost wax method and the metal looks like it is silver, but does not test as such. It is likely an alloy of low purity. The little filigree florets cover the entire body of the bracelet. This bracelet would have been worn for celebrations by a man or a woman and were occasional used as currency.

A similar bracelet can be seen in A World of Bracelets by Anne Van Cutsem

Inner circumference is 14 cm (5 1/2") with an extra 2.8 cm (1 1/8") gap. Inner diameter is 5.8 (2 3/8") Weight is 52 g.

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