Antique Turkish Ottoman Gilt Head Ornament Changed into a Bib Necklace


This is a very pretty Forehead Ornament from Turkey in Ottoman times known as alınlık.  It has a double row of coin pendants on a link chain.  The coin pendants are stamped with a hand motif.  The ornament also has three tear shaped elements with green and red faceted glass cabochons. The central one hooks on to the headband or fez at the front while the other two are the finials.  At some point in this piece's history the headdress was converted into a bib necklace by sawing off the hooks on the finials and attaching a chain with a hook at one end and voila! the headdress was recycled into a lovely bib necklace. It is a lovely piece made of mixed metals probably mostly copper with a gilt.  It is in reasonably good condition, though there is a little verdigris and a couple of missing links.

  • The headdress part measures 29 cm or 11"
  • The chain adds another 38 cm or 15"
  • Total wearable length is 67 cm 26"
  • Bib depth 8.5 cm or 3 1/4"
  • Weight is 67.2 g.

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