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Antique Uzbek Earrings Silver and Red Beads

Antique Uzbek Earrings Silver and Red Beads

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This is a lovely pair of small Uzbek earrings lunar shaped and antique silver hoops with red glass dangles. Locally they are known as "Chalka" or "Khalka" earrings, from Bukhara.  The top part is the antique part of the earrings and I believe represents the outstretched tail of a peacock.  They also have three compartments which may have had a gem set in them at one time. Both are made of silver and have what looks like a hallmark on the back. I can't make it out.

The bottom part is made of dangles of red glass beads threaded on flexible wire, which is a usual construction. However, I think this was added later as red glass or ceramic is not a common component of these earrings, rather coral or multi-colored jewels including pearls. The spacer beads are authentic Uzbek and are made of silver. Overall a beautiful pair of earrings. Lovely to wear or to collect.

Length is 6.3 or 2 1/2". Width is 1.5 cm ( just over 1/2"). Weight is 13.2 g.


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