Antique Yemeni Silver Headband for Headdress


An early piece of twentieth-century silver Yemeni jewelry. It was placed on the forehead like a fringe. This headdress ornament is called 'Asba. It was among women's adornment at weddings and celebrations. It has an almost chainmail feel with 5 rows of connected chains and domes attached on top. From the bottom of the ornament hang stylized hand of Fatima or khamsa dangles. The band ends with flat semi-circular finials, each decorated with five domes and roping. The finials are tied around the head or onto the headdress. This old piece can be worn as a necklace by tying both ends with a ribbon or twine.

The head ornament tests positive for silver. It has some oxidation and depressions in the domes but is generally in good vintage shape.

You can see a similar adornment in Musée du Quai Branly's collection and in Marjorie Ransom's book: Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba.
Length is 34.5 cm (13 1/2").

  • Width 5 cm (2").
  • Weight is 91.7 grams.

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