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Bawsani Yemeni Silver Bracelet with Defects

Bawsani Yemeni Silver Bracelet with Defects

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A beautiful "shumayla" bracelet. A very similar one is shown in Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba by Marjorie Ranson. This exquisite Sana'a bracelet is worked in Bawsani style, the Bawsani family were master silversmiths in Yemen. This bracelet is made of high-grade silver and worked in truly exquisite filigree and granulation. It has some defects, however. It has had a crude repair to a break that in all likelihood caused the loss of some of the fine granulation. Also, the hinge at the back has been replaced with a hooked wire and the original pin is missing and has been replaced by a pin that is not silver. These defects are reflected in the price.

Inner circumference is 15.2 cm (6 "). Inner diameter is 5.2 cm (2"). Width is 2 cm (7/8"). Weight is 49.2 grams.

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