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Contemporary Algerian Scented Beads Skhab Necklace

Contemporary Algerian Scented Beads Skhab Necklace

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A wonderful contemporary Algerian scented bead necklace called skhab. The skhab necklaces are still ethnically worn today. Traditionally, skhab beads are made by the women themselves mixing a concoction of ambergris, cloves, roses, musk, and other aromatic ingredients. The beads are shaped in molds, a hole is put through them, and then they are left to dry before incorporating them into a necklace. 

Skhab bead necklaces like this one are given to brides to protect them as well as for the pleasing fragrance. They were worn by urban and peasant women alike. Though the beads may be handmade on this necklace, the metal parts are machine-pressed and probably gold-plated. 

It is a pretty long necklace and has two hooks to hang on either side of a garment. Alternatively, they can be hooked together to wear around the neck.

The necklace is about 20 years old and has lost its smell. Some of the beads are crumbling, but it is an impressive and vibrant necklace in overall good condition.

 Length is 137 cm (54"). The pendant is 10 x 6.5 cm (4 x 2 3/4"). Weight is about 300 g.



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