Early Continental Filigree Silver Screw Back Earrings with a Gold Wash


I don't think I've handled a finer example of filigree work. This pair of Silver screw back earrings is simply superb. A work of art even. The frame is tear shaped with a bow shape on top. In the middle there is what looks like a pomegranate or a flower bud. On top of the bow, there is a confer cone made by winding wire tightly. There is a ribbon of small delicate florets wrapped on top of the cone. The screw back part is a dome with fine florets.  There are two punch marks on the ear wires, but search as I did, I could not find a reference for them, so I'm afraid I don't have an exact origin. Fine filigree work was practiced in several areas in Europe such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and Bosnia. The screw back mechanism indicates an age of 70 - over a hundred  years. This is a very fine pair of earrings indeed. The only blemish is that on one of the earrings, the top dome is squished.

  • Length is 4.5 cm (1 1/4")
  • Width is 2.5 cm (1") at widest
  • Weight is 15 g

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