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French Imported Silver Filigree Ball Bracelet

French Imported Silver Filigree Ball Bracelet

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This is an old and delicate silver filigree ball bracelet that is French imported. Silver articles that were imported in France were marked with a swan hallmark. There are two swan hallmarks on the closing ring of this bracelet. It is difficult to date this bracelet based on the hallmark since the swan was used to mark silver since 1893 and up to 1970. We can safely assume it was made before 1970, probably more in the 1930s or 40s.

The bracelet has graduated size silver filigree balls, each entirely hand made and quite exquisite. The bracelet has a fine gold gilt and is in excellent vintage condition.  It's quite large and I'm thinking it could be transformed into a choker by adding a small silver chain.

  • Smallest ball is 7 mm across.
  • Largest ball is 15 mm across.
  • Length of bracelet 24 cm (9 1/2").
  • Weight 23.6 g.
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